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The 842AR-P pen dispenses an acrylic lacquer pigmented with highly conductive silver flakes. The cured traces are durable and corrosion resistant. They adhere well to plastics and most electronic substrates. The traces are flexible, but the product works best on a smooth, flat, hard surface. The valve tip opens when pressed against the surface, and the flow is controlled by squeezing the barrel.

This pen repairs damaged traces on keyboards, game controllers, remote controls, mixing boards, and PCBs. It also creates conductive traces for prototyping, hobbies, or maker projects. It is great for making small connections in or between circuits, such as jumpers, through-holes, bridges, and links. It can also be used to increase the surface area of contacts by painting the area around them.

For applications where high conductivity is not required, the 838AR-P Carbon Conductive Pen and the 841AR-P Nickel Conductive Pen provide economical alternatives.

Caractéristiques et avantages
  • Creates durable, reliable and conductive connections
  • Resistivity of 0.0001 Wžcm
  • Typique largeur de trace: 0.9 mm
  • Dries in minutes at room temperature
  • Toluene, xylene and MEK free

Numéro de catalogue Volume net Poids net Emballage
842AR-P 5 mL (0.16 fl oz) 8.69 g (0.3 oz) Stylo

Conductive Stylos Flyer


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