A unique combination of properties makes Fluorinert liquid FC-43 ideal for many electronics applications, including heat transfer, vapor phase reflow soldering, and many electronic quality and reliability tests.


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Heat Transfer Fluids

Its wide liquid range (-50°C to 174°C) and non-conductivity make Fluorinert liquid FC-43 well-suited to a variety of heat transfer applications - especially in the electronics industry. In addition, it is thermally and chemically stable, compatible with sensitive materials, nonflammable and practically non-toxic. It's an ideal thermal management fluid for applications such as etchers, ion implanters, testers and more.

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Testing Fluids

The high dielectric strength and wide liquid range of Fluorinert liquid FC-40 allows its use in a variety of testing applications, including electronic reliability, hermetic seal/gross leak, and thermal shock testing.

Hermetic seal/gross leak testing generally follows Military Standards 883-1014, 750-1071 and 202-112; FC-40 liquid conforms to these standards. Thermal shock testing generally uses Military Standard 883-1011 specifications; FC-40 liquid also conforms to these specifications.

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Vapor Phase Reflow Soldering Fluids

Fluorinert liquid FC-43 is typically used with solders like 70 Sn/18 Pb/12 In, 100 In, 58 Sn/42 In, or 58 Bi/42 Sn. FC-43 liquid can be used in a variety of vapor phase reflow soldering applications, including:

  • BGA attach
  • Conventional through-hole or SMT circuit assembly reflow
  • Fluxless fusion of circuit board electroplating
  • Assembly of metal components having complex geometric shapes
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