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Flux Removers

MG Chemicals line of flux removers provide two choices for dissolving and rinsing flux residue: one safe on plastics formula for general flux removal, and an aggressive alternative for removing difficult baked on flux.

Flux Remover for PC Boards is plastic safe and designed for general applications. It is effective at both dissolving flux and rinsing dissolved residues from boards.

Heavy Duty Flux Remover is very aggressive. It dissolves the most stubbornly burnt on flux, however, it is not plastic safe, and therefore it is best used on the solder side of boards or for careful spot removal on populated boards.

Flux removal is a two-step process. Step one is dissolving the flux, and step two is rinsing the dissolved flux off of the board, so it does not redeposit as white residue. Either of our flux removers can rinse as well as dissolve flux, however, our 406B Super WashTMmakes an extra effective rinsing agent, because it is veryfast drying and plastic safe. It will quickly remove both the slower drying flux remover and the dissolved flux, producing a clean dry board in seconds, making an efficient and effective flux removal process.

Our flux removers come in both convenient aerosol and liquid formats, and are suitable for maintenance and repair operations, service centers, prototyping, maker projects, and small scale electronics production.

Conductive, flammable,extra strength, may harm some plastics, fast evaporating, ozone safe, low cost.

Conductive, flammable, safe on plastics, moderate dry time, medium toxicity, low cost.