The 401B Nu-TrolTM Control Cleaner for Electronics is a unique blend of high purity solvents and a lubricating mineral oil that is excellent for cleaning and lubricating delicate moving parts in electronics. The solvent system also effectively dissolves oil and organic residues.

This product is useful in a variety of electronics applications such as controls, potentiometers, dials, switches, tuners, and servomechanisms.


Features and Benefits
  • Suitable for use in food facilities as a non-food chemical—Canadian and NFS recognition letters available on request
  • Safe on many plastics
  • Contains electronic grade mineral oil
  • CARB and RoHS compliant
Catalog Number Net Weight Net Volume Packagining
401B-140G 140g (4.93 oz) 188 mL (6.35 fl oz) Aerosol
401B-340G 340g (11.9 oz) 457 mL (15.4 fl oz) Aerosol

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Foodsafe Certifications
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