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A 3-row toothbrush style general cleaning scratch brush. Made from natural soft horse hair bristles and a long plywood handle. Excellent for removing flux residues, sticky or crusty materials it can also be used for general cleaning.

Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
859 1 brush Plywood / Horse hair
Features Applications Removes
  • Strong plywood handle
  • Secured natural horse hair bristles eliminating bristle loss and contamination
  • 5 1/4” handle
  • 5/16” trim lengths
  • 3-row 1 3/8" x 7/16 brushy face 
  • Printed circuit Board rework and cleanup
  • Electronic equipment
  • Optical & magnetic heads
  • Contacts and controls 
  • Connectors 
  • Office equipment maintenance 
  • Flux
  • Oils
  • Carbon
  • Oxides
  • Dirt and grimes
  • Soldering iron tips
  • Corrosion
  • Sticky contaminants
  • Crusty contaminants

Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

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