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Dry Wipes

MG Chemicals line of dry wipes effectively removes dust, lint, oils and other liquids easily from delicate equipment. Great for cleaning and dusting monitors, keyboards, telephones, printers, optical surfaces, lab equipment and other precision instrumentation.

The 828 Optiwipes are general purpose wipes made of a soft, 100% hydroentangled polyester fiber. They have excellent absorbency and strength when cleaning up spills and cleaning solutions.  

Precision Wipes Tissue Wipers, 1-ply, are an economical choice for general low-lint cleaning tasks Soft and absorbent Anti-static dispensing reduces lint Coated packaging helps protect wipes from spills

The 8282 Hydrowipes are general purpose, clean room wipes made of a hydroentangled blend of 55% cellulose and 45% polyester fibers.

KIMWIPES* Delicate Task Wiper is a light duty wiper that can handle a variety of delicate tasks. Easily wipes up liquid and dust. Anti-stat dispensing reduces lint and electrostatic discharge, controls usage and portability reduces waste.

The 829 Twillwipes are made of 100% cotton in a tightly woven twill that effectively traps contamination.