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Epoxy Conductive Coatings (ER Series)

Epoxy is used when extreme durability is needed. It offers mar and scratch resistance, very strong adhesion, extreme abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and strong chemical resistance.

  841ER 843ER
Conductive Filter Ni
(Silver coated copper)
Volume Resistivity 0.1 Ω·cm 0.0018 Ω·cm
Attenuation from 0.01 to 18,000 Mhz TBD 60 dB ± 12 dB

The 841ER Super Shield™ Nickel Epoxy Conductive Coating is a two-part system pigmented with highly conductive nickel flake.

The 843ER Super Shield™ Silver Coated Copper Epoxy Conductive Coating is an extremely durable, highly conductive epoxy paint.