8800 is a black, flexible, two-part polyurethane potting compound. It has a low mixed viscosity and maintains excellent flexibility at low temperatures. In addition, it adheres strongly to a wide variety of substrates, including metals, composites, glass, ceramics, and many plastics.

8800 is a cost-effective flexible potting option that provides exceptional physical protection and creates minimum stress on circuit boards and surface-mounted devices. It offers superior moisture resistance and is an ideal choice for harsh environment applications, especially salt water exposure and marine applications.


Features and Benefits
  • 2:1 mix ratio
  • 5-7 minute working time
  • 24 hour cure at room temperature
  • Constant service temperature of -50 to 120 °C (-58 to 248 °F)
  • Excellent dielectric properties
Catalog Number         Size         Packaging     
8800-375ML 375 mL (12.6 fl oz) 2 Bottle kit
8800-2.55L 2.55 L (2.69 qt) 3 Can kit
8800-10.8L 10.8 L (2.85 gal) 3 Can kit
8800-60L 60 L (15.8 gal) 3 Pail kit

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet