The 4140A-P Flux Remover Pen cleans post solder residues quickly and conveniently. Its plastic safe formula removes rosin, non-rosin, and no clean fluxes, as well as both ionic and non-ionic residues. 

836-P is a flux pen containing a halogen-free organic flux with low activity. The flux has a low solids content and leaves virtually no residue. Solder joints appear shiny after soldering, even without cleaning.

Our 419D Overcoat Pen are solder resist coatings that are a fast drying, xylene and toluene free. The pen provides an excellent finish in multiple colors. They are ideal for high moisture environments and applications requiring easy repair and rework.

The 8361 Label and Adhesive Remover is formulated to effectively remove adhesive, sticker, and ink residues. It contains a pleasant odor which makes the product easy to work with.

Improves conductivity on all metals, reduces contact scrubbing, flammable, safe on plastics.

The 8361A-P Label and Adhesive Remover Pen applies a solvent that soaks through labels to dissolve the adhesive backing, releasing the label.

The 8309 Conformal Coating Stripper is available in both liquid and pen format. It removes most reworkable conformal coatings and readily removes thermoplastic (non-cross linked) acrylics, urethanes, and silicones based conformal coatings.

837-P is a flux pen containing a water-soluble soldering flux. The flux has a neutral ρH at room temperature and becomes highly activated at soldering temperatures. Post-soldering flux residues must be cleaned, but are easily removed with water.

837-P is designed for the prototyping, rework, and repair of conventional and surface mount circuit boards.

Features and Benefits
  • Flux meets IPC J-STD-004B and type ORH1
  • For both leaded and lead-free solders
  • Chiseled tip allows precise application
  • Residues are easily removed with water
  • RoHS compliant and VOC free


Catalog Number Net Volume Net Weight Packaging
837-P 10 mL (0.33 fl oz) 58.46 g (0.29 oz) Pen

The 835-P Rosin Flux Pen contains a type RA rosin-activated flux composed of pure Water White (WW) grade gum rosin. It is a unique solvent system that contains very effective activators.