Primary Characteristics

  • Superior tear resistance properties
  • Low shrinkage, non-exothermic cure
  • Low volatility & weight loss properties

High strength, translucent, fast curing gel with good tear resistance. Designed to preserve dielectric integrity and protection to delicate electronic circuit assemblies operating in harsh environments. Requires the use of automated meter-mix dispensing equipment.


Catalog Number Description  
RTV6136-2LB RTV6136-D1 002-Kit (2.0LBS-0.908 KG) Special Order Item
RTV6136D1-80 RTV6136-D1 080-Pail Kit (80LBS-36.32KG) Special Order Item
RTV6136-800LB RTV6136-D1 800-Drum Kit (800LBS-363.2KG) Special Order Item