Primary Characteristics

  • Outstanding stress-relief properties
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Low shrinkage

RTV silicone dielectric gels are low viscosity liquid silicones which cure to form very soft, gel-like elastomers. They are specifically designed to preserve dielectric integrity and provide outstanding protection to delicate electronic circuit assemblies operating in harsh environments. These clear, solventless, two component materials are supplied with curing agents in matched kits which are designed for use at a convenient 1:1 ratio by weight.

When cured, silicone gels possess unique physical properties, combining the self-healing characteristics of a liquid with the non-flowing, dimensional stability of an elastomer. The soft nature and cushioning effect of these semi-solid materials provides excellent protection of electronic assemblies from external shock and vibration. These critical properties are not significantly affected by high and low temperature extremes. This ability, combined with their low modulus properties, makes silicone gels one of the most effective means of managing thermal stress related failures in hybrids and other circuitry utilizing surface mounted devices (SMDs) and other stress sensitive devices.

RTV6166 - A general purpose silicone gel offering the excellent performance of a silicone with cost effectiveness.

Catalog Number Description  
RTV6166-2G RTV6166 018-Pail Kit (18.0LBS-8.172KG)) Special Order Item
RTV6166-80 RTV6166 080-Pail Kit (80.0LBS-36.32KG) Special Order Item