Primary Characteristics

  • Fast cure times
  • Excellent flammability properties
  • Low viscosity

RTV6428 silicone rubber compound is a very fast curing, two-component, low viscosity, RTV silicone material formulated for encapsulation and potting applications. It is well suited for providing protection of electronic components and assemblies against thermal shock, vibration, moisture, ozone, dust, many types of chemicals, and other environmental hazards. With its? outstanding dielectric and flammability properties, it is also used for encapsulation of high voltage transformers, voltage regulators and power converters.

RTV6428 silicone rubber compound is specifically designed to offer an extremely fast cure time either at room temperature or with the addition of heat. It is supplied with curing agent in matched kits which are used at a convenient 1:1 ratio by weight.

Catalog Number Description  
RTV6428-2LB RTV6428 002- Kit (2LBS-0.9KG) Special Order Item
RTV6428-100LB RTV6428 100-Pail Kit (100.0LBS-45.40KG) Special Order Item